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Medicine Within and Between the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires. 18th-19th Centuries 

Herausgeberin: Teodora Daniela Sechel

Mit Beiträgen von Gülhan Balshoy, Octavian Buda, Brigitte Fuchs, Silviu Hariton, Steven A. King, Sylwia Kuzma-Markowska, Georgeta Nazarska, Christian Promitzer, Tamara Scheer, Teodora Daniela Sechel, Marius Turda, Karl Vocelka

Aus dem Inhalt:
This book gives a broad view of the political, economic and cultural aspects that shaped medicine in the two empires (the Habsburg and Ottoman) that controlled Central and South-eastern Europe in the eighteenth and long nineteenth centuries. Drawing exclusively on wide range of sources hitherto largely used by physicians who became historians of medicine, it illustrates the intersection between local knowledge and central networks, between religion, science and trade. It shows that war, too, had positive effects and determined the development and introduction of preventive health measures.

Although thematically, geographically and chronologically diverse each chapter presents original and innovative research in the social and cultural field of medical humanities. It offers to the wider academic community information rendered mainly in Central and south-eastern European languages, including Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Turkish and German, languages which are not easily accessible to Western historians of medicine.

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