About the society

The Austrian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ÖGE 18), founded in 1982, is focusing its endeavours on interdisciplinary research on the multinational and multicultural Habsburg Monarchy of the 18th century. At that time the Habsburg Monarchy was a leading political and cultural power in the centre of Europe, a power which exerted influence on all the territories of this continent, and, by turns, was influenced as well. Knowledge of these interdependencies as well as of the internal structures of the Habsburg Monarchy is therefore fundamental to our view on the European 18th century and the developments resulting from it – not only in Europe.

Together with 38 national, regional and associated societies from other countries the ÖGE 18 joins forces in the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS). The respective “national” Yearbooks as well as various conferences and workshops organised by the OGE 18 constitute important instruments for exchange within this international network. Similar to the other societies the ÖGE 18 is also organized in an interdisciplinary way: its members belong to disciplines as diverse as general history, philology, history of art, musicology, history of education etc. Its international touch is also emphasized by its European and non-European members.

Every other year the Francis-Stephan-Prize and the Francis-Stephan-Promotion-Prize are awarded by the Austrian society. These prizes, commemorating the trailblazing role Francis Stephan of Lorraine played in many fields, are given to authors of outstanding theses.

In its contents the “Yearbook” reflects this interdisciplinary and multicultural attitude of the ÖGE 18. Central themes are treated from the point of view of various disciplines mirroring various cultural contexts. Added to these are “free papers”, miscellanea, reports on the state of research in various fields, and book reviews. All items are peer-reviewed.
Besides the yearbook the society also publishes a supplement, a book series and a digital book series Habsburg Digital. With 2010, the supplement is revived as a three lingual international series:
“Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert und Österreich. Internationale Beihefte“ / Le dix-huitième siècle et la monarchie des Habsburg. Collection internationale / The Eighteenth Century and the Habsburg Monarchy. International Series.”  

The ÖGE 18 aims to

  • focus its research and activities on the 18th century;
  • approach it in an interdisciplinary way;
  • be a discussion panel for local and international scholars;
  • make research results accessible to a broad public.

As a result the ÖGE 18 strives to

  • establish contact between scholars of various fields of research;
  • cooperate with Austrian institutions (universities, museums, libraries, archives, etc.)
  • maintain international dialogues, especially between those scholars living in
  • countries whose history is connected to Austrian history.