Austrian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

Yearbook: Das Achtzehnte Jahrhundert und Österreich



In its contents the “Yearbook” reflects the interdisciplinary and multicultural attitude of the ÖGE 18. Central themes are treated from the point of view of various disciplines mirroring various cultural contexts. Added to these are “free papers”, miscellanea, reports on the state of research in various fields, and book reviews. All items are peer-reviewed. 

All contributions and articles outside an official  „call for papers“ should be submitted to the president of the society Prof. Dr. Franz Eybl. Suggestions for book reviews can be sent to Dr. Johannes Frimmel. 

The yearbook is peer-reviewed. The Society’s steering committee and scientific advisory board also act as the editoerial board of the yearbook.


One year after its foundation in 1982 the ÖGE 18 and the publishing house Topographische Anstalt published the first yearbook under the title „Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert“. From 1984 till 1987 the yearbook has been produced by the publishing company Böhlau under its current title „Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert und Österreich“. Starting with volume V (1988/89) the Verband der wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften Österreichs (VWGÖ) handled the print, sale and marketing of the yearbook. In 1994 after the VWGÖ went bankrupt, the Wiener Universitätsverlag (WUV Verlag; today known as facultas.wuv) took on the responsibility to publish the yearbook. The volumes from 1994 till 2002 are still on sale on the facultas website.

In 2003 the society changed its publishing house again. The yearbook is currently published by the publishing house Dr. Winkler Verlag in Bochum. On its website the publishing house provides the interested scholar and reader with tables of content as well as abridgments of the yearbook since 2003. Member of the ÖGE 18 get the current yearbook free of charge and can buy older yearbooks at a reduced rate (20% on the publication price if it is ordered via ÖGE 18 office). A reduced rate of 30% on the publication price applies for the order of all yearbooks published since 2003, if they are ordered via ÖGE 18 office.

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