14. Weltkongress (Rotterdam | 2015)



Vom 27. bis 31. Juli 2015 findet in Rotterdam der

14. Internationaler Kongress zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts

statt. Das Thema lautet „Opening Markets“. Die ÖGE 18 versammelt hier Vorschläge für Panels, zu denen sich Interessierte mit einem Vortrag bitte bei den genannten Verantwortlichen melden.

Weiterführende Informationen finden sich auf der Kongresswebsite: http://www.openingmarkets.eu/


Zum Herunterladen: Programm (Stand 31.03.2015)


PANEL – The Danube, the Black Sea and the Levante as colonial area in the long 18th c.

Organiser: Harald Heppner (Graz)

This panel intends to focus on the connections between politics, economics, society and culture in the area of the Danube, the Black Sea and the Levante (Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea). This area belonged in the long 18th century mostly to the Ottoman Empire and was interesting for several European powers, especially of its Northwestern neighbours Austria and Russia, which did not only enter into a rivalry each other, but tried to enlarge their influences into the Ottoman Empire which was in economic relations with England, France, the Netherlands and Sweden since the 16th and 17th centuries. Therefore the subject area did not only change its role within the international relations, but changed his profile by new economic relations, new cultural transfers and new migrations from the periphery to the new centres (like Thessaloniki, Odessa, Vienna, Trieste etc.)

The full day panel contents two parts:

  • the program in the morning and the first half of the afternoon will include the presentation of ca. 8 specific case studies
  • in the second half of the afternoon it is planned to hold a round table discussion about theoretical aspects of the subject.

The three moderators of the panel are Olga Katsiardi-Hering (University of Athens/Greece) Ivan Părvev (university of Sofia/Bulgaria) and Harald Heppner (University of Graz/Austria).


Two PANELs – Art and Commerce: Continent Allegories in the Baroque Age (I) & The Role of the Jesuit Order (II)

Organiser: Wolfgang Schmale (Vienna)

The Panel refers to a current Research Project on „continent allegories“ in Europe in the Baroque Age, 18th century. The continent allegories were a widespread iconographic instrument to represent the world and its parts in different contexts such as the court, the monastery, the village church, etc. Painting continent allegories was a well operating market on the background of the representation of the world. The panel aims to communicating the quantitative and qualitative approach as well as the networks figured out by artists, the church, the ruler, the public, a.s.o. One focus is how the world and its parts were represented iconographically, which traditions of seeing the world were behind, how did iconography of the continent allegories change in the 18th century, for instance under the influence of travel reports, discoveries (i.e. James Cook) or influent books such as Abbé Raynal.

Ein Kurzbericht zu den Erdteilallegorien-Panels findet sich auf der Projektwebsite des Forschungsprojektes.