Invitation – Visualizing Pez Data, 6-8 September

Dear friends and colleagues

with the help of Milan-based digital designer Marco Quaggiotto we are going to take a week off to visualize Pez data.

If you want to see the *results*, come join us for a drink on FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER at 17h at the Pez Workshop / Maria Theresien Straße 9/4.

If you want to experience the *process*, come join in for a coffee at the same venue, WEDNESDAY 6 – FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER, DURING OFFICE HOURS (c. 10h-17h) (please drop me a line beforehand:

If you want to learn about Design Sprints at large (which we are slightly modifying here):

If you want to learn about the brothers Pez:

We’d be happy to see you around!

All the best,
Thomas (Wallnig).

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